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AI a meeting of the Executive Committee of the
Federal Reserve Board held in the office of the Board on
Friday, January 31, 1919, at 11:20 A.M.,

Broderick, Secretary.

Copy of letter of January 25th, from the United
States Attorney at New York to Mr. Kent, and copy of Mr.
Kent's reply, regarding postponement of payment of two
drafts for p5,000 each, payable to the order of Santeri
Postponement notices Nos. 159 and 160
heretofore issued by the Division of Foreign
Exchange under date of January 27th, approved.
The Governor reported the following rediscount
transactions pursuant to authority heretofore vested in him:
January 30th, by Federal Reserve Bank
of Chicago for Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas,
$5,000,000 member bank 15 day collateral notes
secured by Government obligations; rate 45.
January 31st, by Federal Reserve Bank of
Chicago for Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta,
$5,000,000 member bank 15 day collateral notes
secured by Government obligations; rate 45.
Reports of discount rates received from various
Federal Reserve banks; no changes recommended.


Letter from Deputy Governor Treman of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, dated January 29th, in re financial
statements of parent and subsidiary companies, in connection with the indebtedness of subsidiary corporations.
Referred to the Governor and the Secretary
for report.
Letter dated January 30th, from Deputy Governor
Treman, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in re United States
securities pledged with Federal Reserve banks.
Referred to the Chairman of the Law Committee for report.
Dated January 31st (I report) recommending changes in
stock at Federal Reserve banks as set
forth in the auxiliary minute book as
of this date.
Dated January 29th,recommending appointment of F. L. Watkins as Messenger to the Division of
Reports and Statistics, at a salary
of 840 per annum.
Dated January 30th, recommending appointment of William
Crowley and Francis Kilcline as Messengers in the Division of Foreign Exchange, at a salary of . 600 per annum
Other business was presented and disposed of as

Application of the Atlantic National Bank, Jacksonville, Florida, for authority to accept drafts and bills of
exchange up to 10a; of its capital and surplus, under the
provisions of Section 13 of the Federal Reserve Act.
The Governor reported the reserve positions of the
several Federal Reserve banks.
On motion duly seconded, it was voted to authorize
the binding in black leather of sixteen copies of the Annual
Report of the Board for the year 1918, one copy to be sent
to each of the following, with his name thereon: Messrs.
Carter Glass, William G. McAdoo, 'John Skelton Williams,
W. P. G. Harding, Adolph C. Miller, Charles S. Hamlin, Albert
Strauss, Frederick A. Delano, Paul M. Warburg, H. Parker
Willis, Fred I. Kent, M. C. Elliott, G. L. Harrison, J. A.
Brodarick, L. C. Adelson and W. T. Chapman.
At 12:15 P.11., the meeting adjourned.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102