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At an adjourned meeting of the Federal
Reserve Board held in the office of the Board at
3:15 p. m., on Thursday, January 13,
Mr. McAdoo, presiding

Mr. Williams

Er. Hamlin

Mr. Warburg

Mr. Delano

Mr. Harding

Mr. Miller
Mr. Willis, Secretary.
On motion a reduction of capital stock
on the part of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of
Comanche, Texas, in the sum of 020,000, duly recommended by the Comptroller of the Currency, was
A letter from Federal Reserve Agent Jay
calling attention to a change made by the Federal
Reserve Bank of New York in the by-laws of that
institution, was received and ordered filed.
A letter from Federal Reserve Agent Tenison, informing the Board of a visit of Er. W. P.
Ramsey, was read and ordered filed.


Mr. Hamlin read a draft of a letter to
be sent by himself to the Secretary of the Treasury relating to the plan of bond exchange proposed by Federal Reserve Agent Perrin.

No action

was taken.
Certain correspondence relating to the
surety bonds of Federal reserve agents

was laid

before the Board by Mr. Hamlin, and on motion referred to the Committee on Law.
The draft of the Board's annual report
was taken up for discussion and a new proof embodying all corrections was ordered.
On motion at 5:20 p. in. the Board adjourned to meet on Monday, January 17, at 3:00
p. in.



Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102