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A meeting of the Executive Committee of the
Federal Reserve Board was held in Mr. Harding's office
at 11:25, on Monday, August 23,
Mr. Harding

Mr. Miller

Mr. Warburg

Er. Allen, Assistant

The request of Federal Reserve Agent D. C. Wills
of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland for notes, said
request having been approved by Mr. Williams and Ur. Miller,
Committee on Issue and Redemption, was approved as follows:

in tens.


in twenties.

The request of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, contained in a letter of August 20th, signed by
Governor Wold, to be permitted to purchase 0350,000 of
New York warrants, due December 1st on a basis of 21%, was

It was noted that the Federal Reserve Bank

Of Minneapolis is now carrying New York warrants to the

amount of 0256,000 and that 4154,500 of this amount will
mature on September 1st. Permission was requested because
Of the fact that the purchase authorized will result in a
larger amount of warrants than authorized by the regulations


being carried between. August 25th and September 1st.
The requests of the Federal Reserve Bank of
Cleveland, submitted under date of August 19th by


D. C. Wills, Chairman of the Board, to make the following purchases, were approved:
Warrants of Fayette County, Kentucky, maturing December 31, 1915, par value 040,000.00.
Warrants of the County Board of Education of
Fayette County, Kentucky, maturity not stated, par value
At 11:30 the Committee adjourned.

Assistant Secretary.



Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102