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Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Division of Supervision

550 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20429

Bank Secrecy Act Compliance
May 30, 1995



Revised Currency Transaction Report (IRS Form 4789)


The Internal Revenue Service has revised its Currency Transaction Report (CTR) form that banks and
other institutions are required to use to help law enforcement agencies detect and prevent money
laundering and other illegal activities. The revised form is now available for distribution; however,
banks may not begin using the new form until October 1, 1995. The attached advance copy may only
be used for training purposes, so bank employees can become familiar with differences between the old
and new forms prior to the effective date.


The new form may be ordered without charge by calling the IRS Forms Distribution Center at 1-800-8293676. Simply follow the voice prompts, press Option #1 (for ordering blank forms) and make your request
by form number (IRS Form 4789). Orders should be placed in time to allow for delivery prior to the
effective date. Questions concerning the new forms should be directed to the Financial Crimes
Enforcement Network (FinCEN) at 1-800-949-2732.
Stanley J. Poling

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Distribution: FDIC-Supervised Banks (Commercial and Savings)