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In 1913 the FR B system was born ,

In 1918 it ca me as a youth to SLC.

Relive with us now thru the eyes of this fledgeling
with some
comments from the 'kids' -THE LIFE & TIMES OF THE SLC BRANCH
It's 1918

as we came into being, a branch must be formed, offices

rented and

helpers hired.

redhead and Royal Everson .

So much to be

Doc Ostler


Doc Ostler, Lillian Chisholm our begining'
These were the first of my good an d able'

done and we were so anxio us to do well . . .
many a night they rushed to catch the 12:30AM

street car .
The twenties dawned and didn't the ladies show 'em when they got the

Bobbed their hair a- rolled their stockings, even walked on

airplane wings.

They also got jobs.

1920 to sort our currency.

Anna Gasser joined us in May of

Don Sheets remembers she never missed a count-


Miss Shelly (did anyone ever call her Edith?) bobbed in a month'


I wonder if anyone ever saw her walk . . . seems to me she always'




Le Roy Larson, who . on remember ,
come on the staff in

as a prankster, and Wallace

1921 with Lyte Moyer joining us in 1926.


recall Lyte's passion for LARGE LARGE cars
~ur little family increases as the 2D's advance.

These were growing'

and building years, congested working conditions, heavy volume of work'
long da y s and nights a nd fina l ly i n 1927 our ve ry own br a nd new bldg.
Vi Tho mp so n wa s the very firs t to join us in our new home Feb 1927'

a secretary and later that year we got Bert Page

who proved to be'

a pretty good

addition to our baseball team.

joined us and

Don re members that Tony always seemed to get the hives

In 1928 Merrill Coulam

whenever his mother-in-law visited!
On March 1, 1929 Charly Price acquired us as lifetime companions.

years later and he is still here -- organizing our parties and

handling the details and don ' t we just still depend on him gratefully?
Charlie were you

9 when you came here???

The crash of '29 shook our group but we had plenty for all to do and'
didn't the 30's have to be better?

however Charly Price remembers

many bank failures andthe first Sunday workday (in h is tenure) f or our'
check dept "Return Items"
Ou r family didnt grow quite as fast during the 30's but we added
Gordo n Harwood in 1931 and hi ~ contribution to the bank baseball team
i s still remembered by Don Sheets and the fact that he is on e of the
mo st cong i ena l pe rsons to gr a c e our staff has to be men t i one d.
Al Wilkin s who wa s known as stu b and kept the cafeteria kniv e s
goodness of his heart came along in 1936 and

sha rp just out of the
our alltime

most outrageous person in t he form of Ed Watson burst

into our midst in 1939.

They we re wonderful additions in deed.

Mr Liggett reminds us we also had the big bands . . . Did any of this


1940's men t war and as Mr

Liggett remembers

Si natra!

Don Sheets

also recalls that "in 1942 the first non-male messenger was hired."
Non-Male???now that is news!!!
1/42 brought us
the 'moose'?

CCC and RFC and lots of late late nights.

Don Sheets (wha t ever happened to him ? did he ever find'

and Walt Freshwater who drove the Armored Car by day

and moonlighted strin g ing tennis rackets

Gladys Miller our

quiet as a mouse sorter and Virginia Sellers the original 'Girl Friday'
and Robert

Manning smoker of stogies and deer meat all became family

in 1943 .
Faron Cutler arrived

in'44 with Hardy Rogers coming along in 1945,

Now Hardy had to be one of our more outspoken 'family' members and he
had some very determined oponions on a number of tropics but the one
that inflamed his passion most was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
in my stamp

One time

selling days I had acquired a block of stamps commemorating

the accomplishments of Elenor Roosevelt .
Elenor and refused to buy the stamp and
"I wouldn' lick her backside"

Well he took one look at
I asked why .

wa s his response!

1945 and the was was finally over.
was time to get on with our lives.

we had Truman and new cars and it

1946 brought Donna Norris into the fold.

She probably holds the record

for training 803 operator s -- Jack Walker also joined our group that
year. He skied and hiked and was
1947 saw Grant Holman

one of our earliest free spirits.

arrive at our door , law book i n one hand and a

carpet bag full of the worlds worst jokes in the other.

He told a lot

of real bad jokes over the next 38 yea r s. Does anyone remember any of 'em?
1949 brought Dick Buehler with his gentle sense of humor, Glen Rottman
and the ever present oil can (did he come equiped with that or did we
giv e it to him?)

That man could oil anything.

Nora Mae Graham Willey

came along too that year and to all us long timers Nora will always be
the personnel department.

the 50's

began we welcomed Erwin Barglebaugh from LA and were

horrified as the Korean War broke out.
saw the developement

Not again! and t he 50's also
what will they think of next?
of check routing symbols/and the need for duplicate

records in case of war or other mayhem and that made the Boise Record
Center necessary.
Well we had n • t seen anything yet as 1950 brought us one of our brightest
and everyones hands down favorite -- Tobe or more formally Marie Zobell
graced our group wit b her presence.

Don remembers her as fun loving'

a good sense of humor and I consider us all better for having known
She is one of a kind!

Quiet competent Wayne Stewart arrived in ' 52 with Ray Emerson and his
many abilities and/talents joining us in 1953, Our little blonde
doll-like Sandra Hazelgren Jensen arrived in 1954.
Our resident Irishman Mike Buckley came in ' 56 in the form of an auditor
originally and we quaked in our boots or ignored him depending on our
~we_still do!
current assignment) Mr Liggett too joined the district family that year
We would have paid more a t tention Ron if we had of known you were coming our
Our own «music Man" Paul Wainwright was welcomed in 1 956 and he has
shared his musical gifts and those of his family so generously with all
of us ever since .

Marguerite Dietrich with her tireless energy and limitless abilities
joined/fam ily in 1957. How we have counted on her over the years
The late '5D's

found us once again planing a new home for our ever'

growing family and finally in the spring of 1959 we moved -- money bags
and gaggage -- one block south.

Gillespie was our first new kid in the new building in may 1959.

Does that make

him original equipment ?

Or can we count all the kids

who came that first year. Carol Anderson, Jerry Shurtliff , and John Peace.•
switchboa rd operator
Carol being our voice,/Je rry our record setter (perfect attendanc e)
and John our tall tale teller par tXcellanc e.
The past 67 years have seen so many changes -- from an all male staff
to one dominated by women

and back to a current even mix ... how many

changes we have wondered over and been in awe of.
and pleased to acknowled ge the sturdy stuff

I am always amazed

our FED ladies are made of.

I consider it an honor to be ranked among them.
We wish to make a special thanks to Virginia Sellers who does such
Our thanks for
an outstandin g job as our ''retiree reporter" Your tireless efforts
at keeping tabs on this diverse group can never acurately be expressed .
Computers , our large first in the 6O's to the myriad small PC's of today.
Another wa~ -- a man on the moon.

John Balles, Paul Volker and even a

new roof -- we raised the old one so many

times we plum wore it out.