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F E D E R A L R E S E R V E B A N K O F S T . L O U IS
S T . L O U I S 2 , M IS S O U R I

April 11, 1952

To A ll M em ber Banks in the
Eighth Federal Reserve District:

'O n January 11, 1952, it was announced th a t Mr. Fred Burton was being
assigned temporarily to the St. Louis office as Assistant Vice President and th at
after completing this temporary assignment he would resume his previous position
as Assistant M anager at the Louisville Branch.
Mr. Burton has now completed his tem porary assignment at the St. Louis
office and effective April 14,1952, he will return to the Louisville Branch as Assist­
an t M anager. *'
There are enclosed pages 57a and 58 which should be substituted for the like
numbered pages in your copy of the M anual of Facilities of our bank.
Page 57a has been revised to delete Mr. B urton’s facsimile signature as
A ssistant Vice President among those authorized to act and sign for the Federal
Reserve Bank of St. Louis and page 58 has been revised to include his facsimile
signature as Assistant M anager of the Louisville Branch.
Page 57a has also been revised by deleting the facsimile signature of M r.
Harold B. Kline, Counsel and Assistant Secretary, who resigned effective April
5, 1952, to accept other employment.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102