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Circular No. 5 7 3 4 1
L December 3, 1965 J

Notice Regarding Reserve Bank of Rhodesia

To A ll Commercial Batiks
in the Second Federal R eserve D istrict:

The Bank of England has requested us to inform commercial banks
as follow s:
Under power conferred by the Southern Rhodesian Act of 1965 of the
Parliament of the United Kingdom, an Order in Council was made today
and has come into immediate operation. This Order, which operates as part
of the laws of Southern Rhodesia, suspends from office the Governor, the
Deputy Governor, and the other Directors of the Reserve Bank of Rhodesia,
and empowers one of Her Majesty’s principal Secretaries of State to appoint
other persons to act in the place of the persons so suspended from office.
A Secretary of State has appointed a new Governor and a new Board of
Directors. All the authority formerly vested in the Board that has been
suspended is accordingly now vested by law in the reconstituted Board.

The Bank of England has also transmitted to us the request of the
newly appointed Governor that we notify all commercial banks here
that all authorities of the previous Governor and Directors and all
authorities given by them or under their authority to officers of the
Reserve Bank of Rhodesia or others to operate upon accounts of
the Reserve Bank of Rhodesia on the books of other central banks
have been cancelled with immediate effect.






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