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F ederal Reserve Bank
of new


C irc u la r No. 3939


January 28,


To a l l

M em ber a n d N onm em ber B a n k s

th e S econ d F e d e r a l



The Treasury Department recently announced a change in the method of produc
tion of $2 and $5 United States notes and $5 and $10 silver certificates.

The new

method will result in noticeable changes in the appearance of these bills, which will
soon begin to circulate.
For your information,

following is the text of the Treasury Depa r t m e n t ’s

statement on the change;
Friday, January & \ 9 tf____
A change in the method o f production o f $2 and $5 United
$10 s ilv e r c e r t i f i c a t e s , to standardize the physical appearance
money and, when a new Secretary o r a new Treasurer is appointed,
o f notes carryin g the new fa csim ile signatures, was approved hy

States notes and
o f United States
to expedite the
Secretary Siyder

$5 and

The $2 and $5 United States notes carry a red s e a l, and the $5 and $10 s ilv e r
c e r t i f i c a t e s a blue sea l.
H eretofore, the p la te s used fo r p rin tin g these issues included the engraved f a c ­
sim ile signatures o f the Secretary o f the Treasury and the Treasurer o f the United States.
Whenever one o f these o f f i c e r s was changed, i t was necessary to re-engrave the plates
with new sign atu res. Under the proposed change, fa csim ile signatures w ill be overprinted
on the fa ce o f the notes simultaneously with the sea l and s e r ia l number, making re-engraving
This s im p lifie d method is already in use on $1 s i l v e r c e r t i fi c a t e s o f the s e r ie s
o f 1935 and on green -sea l Federal Reserve notes o f a l l denominations o f the s e r ie s o f
1950, which has resu lted in savings at the Bureau o f Engraving and Printing.
The fa ces o f the b i l l s w ill be changed to conform to the 1935 s e r ie s $1 s ilv e r
c e r t i fi c a t e s . The only n oticea b le changes in the appearance o f the b i l l s w ill be that
the s e r ia l numbers and the co lo re d Treasury sea l w ill be sm aller and a large shaded de­
nominational numeral w ill be inserted to the l e f t o f the oval p o r tr a it. The backs o f the
b i l l s w ill not be changed.
Work on the change w ill begin at once, and i t is expected that the f i r s t fin ish ed
b i l l s w ill be shipped to banks about February 1, 1953.
Additional copies of this circular will be furnished upon request.


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102