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Circular No. 2 1 5 7 , December 31, 1940.
Reference to Circulars Nos. 2147, 2149 and 2150.


To All Banking Institutions in the
Second Federal Reserve District:

We have been informed that the Defense Housing Coordinator is in urgent need of a
current supply of certain items of millwork ordinarily used in the construction of four-room
houses, the immediate requirement consisting of the following:
6,774 Windows, glazed, 12 lights, approximately 9" x 12"
4,418 Window frames, single
1,178 Window frames, twin for the above windows
590 Louvers, octagon and half circle, approximately 2'-0"
589 Doors, exterior, two panels, glazed, approximately 2' 8" x 6' 9"
295 Doors, rear, one panel, glazed, approximately 2' 6" x 6' 7"
5,646 Doors, interior, two panel, approximately 2' 6" x 6' 7"
Door frames, for above doors.
In addition there is a need for half screens, door screens, door jambs, sides window trim,
sides door trim, flights stairs, base sink cabinets, broom and shelf cabinets, medicine cabinets,
and weather strip. Materials, to be furnished by contractor, may be those soft woods generally
used for private houses in the locality of the project; quality of grade must be first class.
Many fabricators of millwork are booked to capacity for the months of February, March and
April 1941 during which period delivery of the foregoing material is required. We shall
appreciate it if you will furnish us before January 8, 1941, with the names and addresses of
concerns in your locality, including small plants, who either ordinarily make the articles listed
above or who have woodworking equipment of a type which would enable them to make any
or all of the articles named, and who would be interested in submitting bids for all or any
part of these items for delivery during the above mentioned months to any or all of the following points:
Fort Dix, New Jersey.
Fishers Island, New York.
Long Branch, New Jersey.
Hempstead, New York.
The specifications and details will be furnished with the calls to bid.
We are informed the present building program for 1941 contemplates the need for this
kind of material in quantities several times those listed above, and if some of the concerns in
your locality who may not be in a position to make delivery prior to May 1, 1941, could make
delivery after that date, we suggest you give u s their names and addresses with information as
to when deliveries could be made.




December 31,1940.

Semiannual Dividend


The board of directors of Federal Reserve Bank of New York has
declared a dividend for the six months' period ending December 31,
1940, at the rate of six per centum per annum on the paid-in capital
stock of the bank, payable December 31, 1940 to stockholders as shown
by the books of the bank at the close of business on that date.


Your reserve account is therefore being credited today with
, the amount of the dividend due you.



Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102