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/Jhicago, November 18 , 1914 .

To Lithographers, Engravers and Stationers:-

As v;e are rece1v1ng many inquiries with reference
to a standard form of draft for use in drawing on this
bank, we enclose a specimen which we are recommending to
the member banks of District No. Seven,
This draft is 8- 1/2 x 3- 3/8 inches and can be cut
without waste from 17 x 28 stock Safety paper .
The name of the member bank followed by its m:m1ber
in the American Bankers Association numerical syst em
should be lithographed in one line in the blank space at
the top of the draft, the town and state appearing on the
date line . The style of type for tl1e bank name is left to
the discretion of the member bank.
We sha ll appreciate your co-operation in the effort
to standardize the drafts used by our member s in their dealings with us.
Very respectfully,
James B. McDougal ,
Bulletin No. 13 A,
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis