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Chicago, March 17th, 1915.

TO THE MEMBER BAN'RS OF DISTRICT NUMBER SEVEN: In order to obviate the necessity for daily adJnst1:1ent of stock leciger accounts and the conseqnent confusion
whic~1 results from continuous changes in the stock holdings of
member banks occasioned by t:i1e increase or decrease of their
cap ital or surplus, you will pleRse file applications quarterly that is on the first days of January, April, July and October
of each year - in all cases ,-,here additional . stock is to be
issued or part of the stock held is to be surrendered.
In ma1cing application for additional stock or for
surrender of stock please be careful to fill in the blanks properly , using as a basis the tota! capital and surplus at the time
of the last previous stock allotr,1ent, and stating separately the
total of each increRse or Qecrease in capital or surplus, so that
the total t.t the date of the prior allotment with increases added
and decreases deducted will equal the total capital and
as of the date of application.
Natinnal banlrn which have increased or decreased
their s1~rplus since the last report of condition to the Comptroller
of the Cur~ency should sena a certificate to that effect to the
Comptroller contemporaneously with filing their applications with
the Federal Reserve Bank - this in order that the records of the
Comptroller's office may be in accord with those of the Federal
Reserve Board.
Very respectfully,

Bulletin No. 28.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis