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Federal Reserve Bank

Dallas, Texas, June 13, 1942


To All Banking Institutions, and Others Concerned,
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve D istrict:

Mr. Judson S. James, Jr., of Dallas, has been appointed to serve as
Executive Manager of the Victory Fund Committee for the Eleventh Fed­
eral Reserve District and his appointment has been approved by the Secre­
tary of the Treasury.
Mr. James is well known in investment and financial circles, having
been engaged in the securities business for the past seventeen years. He is
now serving as Chairman of the Texas group of the Investment Bankers
Association of America. Mr. James, who is President of James, Stayart and
Davis, Inc., of Dallas, securities dealers, has been granted a leave of
absence by his company for the duration in order that he may devote his
entire time to the work of the Committee. In his new position, Mr. James
will have executive responsibility, under the direction of the Victory Fund
Committee, for developing and guiding an aggressive campaign in this
district for the sale of Government securities, other than War Savings
Bonds, as an aid to the United States Treasury in its war financing pro­
gram. He will have an office in the building of the Federal Reserve Bank
of Dallas.

Yours very truly,
R. R. GILBERT, Chairman
Victory Fund Committee

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