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Re se r v e Ban k o f Da lla s

December 14, 1964

To All Banks of the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
This is to advise th at the Uvalde National Bank, Uvalde,
Texas, a newly organized institution located in the territory
served by the San Antonio Branch of the Federal Reserve
Bank of Dallas, opened for business today as a member of
the Federal Reserve System.
The new member bank has capital of $200,000, surplus
of $150,000 and undivided profits of $60,000.
Its officers and directors are as follows:

J a m e s L. C ow an
R. S. C ra w fo rd , J r .
W. O. D uB ose
O. B. H ale y

J . R. Lee
W illiam D. T a b o r
J e s s W a rd

The combined A.B.A, routing number and Federal Reserve
Bank routing symbol of the new bank is 88-193.
Yours very truly.
Watrous H. Irons

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