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Federal Reserve Bank

September 9, 1993

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Notice 93-98

The Senior Accounting Officer of
the financial institution addressed
Update to Accounting System

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is pleased to announce, effective
September 20, 1993, the introduction of an updated version of our accounting
system. This software implementation will involve changes to your reserve
account statements and will improve account management services to depository
institutions in the Eleventh District.
Your reserve account statements will be enhanced in several ways. A
summary section will be incorporated into the statement’s format, and the
detail section of the statement will reflect only one caption for each service
type, which will simplify reconcilement.
Print time shown on the statements
will reflect eastern time, rather than central time. This change has become
necessary to standardize the nationwide banking environment that now exists.
In addition, a section for special messages pertaining to your accounting
statement will be provided. The new statement will include the following
Banner Page

Contains account holder name, address
and ABA number

Message Page

Prints current day messages

Summary Statement
of Account

Replaces Optional Profile Summary Page
and summarizes posted transactions by
service type

Detail of Own Activity -

Provides detailed information by serv­
ice type

Detail Statement of
Deferred Activity

Provides information on deferred

Detail Statement of
Future Activity

Provides detailed information of
future dated activity

For additional copies, bankers and others are encouraged to use one of the following toll-free numbers in contacting the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas:
Dallas Office (800) 333-4460; El Paso Branch Intrastale (800) 592-1631, Interstate (800) 351-1012; Houston Branch Intrastate (800) 392-4162,
Interstate (800) 221-0363; San Antonio Branch Intrastate (800) 292-5810.

This publication was digitized and made available by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas' Historical Library (




Statement of Your
Respondent Activity

Provides detailed information by
service type (for each respondent) to
the correspondent that settles
respondent activity at the Federal
Reserve (This statement will only be
received by correspondents)

Detail Statement of
Activity Through

Provides detailed information of
respondent activity through a
correspondent by service type (These
statements will only be received by

Other changes will be implemented in the fourth quarter of 1993 to
offer online institutions new Accounting Information Services that will
include a Special Notification Service and Cash Management Service. The
notification service will advise a depository institution when certain
transactions have been posted to its reserve account, e.g. immediate mixed
availability transactions.
The Cash Management Service will be useful to
account position managers since it will provide, for the first time, a real­
time account status. More information about these and other real-time
accounting information services will be forthcoming in the next few months.
If you have any questions about any of these changes or the informa­
tion outlined above, please contact Patricia Berry, (214) 922-5598, at the
Dallas Office; Gerardo Blanco, (915) 521-8212, at the El Paso Office; Jan
Williams (713) 652-1507, at the Houston Office; or Kyle Roberts, (210)
978-1421, at the San Antonio Office.
For additional copies of this B a n k ’s notice, please contact the
Public Affairs Department at (214) 922-5254.