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Dallas, Texas, June 80, 1942

To A ll Banking Institutions in the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District:

This bank has been requested by the Treasury Department to bring the following
matter to the attention of all banks in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
The Treasury Department knows that Axis agents are attempting to bring unlaw­
fully into this country substantial sums of United States currency looted in Europe.
Attempts may be made to deposit such currency with your bank.
The currency control was instituted in order to minimize the benefit which Axis
countries might obtain from currency looted in the occupied countries. In order that your
bank may assist in the enforcement of this control and the full attainment of its objec­
tives, the Treasury Department urgently requests that appropriate personnel in your
bank be instructed to be on the alert for cases in which substantial sums are deposited
in currency by persons other than regular customers who customarily make such deposits
in connection with their normal business activities and promptly to report such cases to
this Federal Reserve Bank. All such reports should contain the following information
with respect to each such person:
(1) Name and address
(2) Dollar amount of currency deposited
(8) Name under which currency was deposited
(4) Date of deposit
(5) Statement as to whether a safe deposit box is owned by such person and, if so,
the date when rented, and
(6) Any other significant information.
It is important that this information be made available as soon as possible in order
that the Treasury Department may take any other steps called for in such cases. These
reports should be sent to this bank, addressed for attention of the Foreign Funds Control
The co-operation o f your bank in this matter will be appreciated.

Yours very truly,

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