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Circular No. 73-35
February 13, 1973

To All Banks
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
This is to advise that the Texas National Bank of Baytown,
Baytown, Texas, located in the territory served by the Houston
Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, opened for
business Thursday, February 1, 1973, as a conversion of the
Bank of Baytown, Baytown, Texas.
The new member bank has capital of $200,000, surplus of
$200,000, and undivided profits of $170,275.
Its officers and directors are as follow s:
Fred Hartman, Chairman o f the Board and President
S tan W allace, E xecutive Vice President
H arry F. M assey, Vice President
Linda Otis, Vice President and Cashier
Linda Boyd, A ssista n t Cashier

E. G. B lasingam e
Jam es M. Cauley
G. W. Coles, Jr.
C. W. Curry
Dr. George J. Gatoura
Fred H artm an
H erbert V. Herbert
A. M. Howell
O. J. Howell
A. H. McMorris
Charles F. M ilstead

Dr. Roy Olsen
F. A. Richardson
Dr. Gerald L* Smith
R. C. Stephenson
Grady Tuck, Jr.
Charles R. Vickery, Jr.
E. D. Vickery
E ugene H. W agner
Stan W allace
Cecil A. W ilburn

Robert K. Carter
B en F lem in g

T. W. Scarborough
P ren tiss S. V iles

The combined A.B.A. number and Federal Reserve Bank
routing symbol of the new member bank is 88-276.
Yours very truly,
P. E. Coldwell

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