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Dallas, Texas, July 2,1928.

To the Member Bank Addressed:

Supplementing my circular letter of June 18,1928, which was sent to all member banks of this
district, I am quoting below subsequent telegraphic correspondence between the Honorable Carter
Glass and the undersigned.
“Dallas, Texas, June 28, 1928.
“Honorable Carter Glass,
Care Rice Hotel,
Houston, Texas.
As requested in your telegram of June eighteenth and in connection with my circular letter of
like date to all member banks of this reserve district I have to advise that up to date no replies have
been received signif jdng a desire to be heard upon the occasion of your visit to Dallas. When you
are able to advise date of your arrival I shall be glad to reserve accommodations for you.
LYNN P. TALLEY, Governor.”
“Houston, Texas, June 29, 1928.
“Lynn P. Talley,
Governor Federal Reserve Bank, Dallas, Texas.
In view of the fact that no member bank of the Dallas Federal Reserve District has signified
any desire to prefer charges of mismanagement or maladministration against the Governor or the
Board of Directors of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank or any desire to be heard by the Sub-com­
mittee of the Banking and Currency Committee of the United States Senate empowered to investi­
gate charges and to hear testimony, there seems to be no necessity for me to come to Dallas. There­
fore I am returning to Virginia tonight.
Yours very truly,


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