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Dallas, Texas, March 21, 1936

To the Member or Nonmember
Clearing Bank Addressed:

We have today received a telegram from the Federal Reserve Bank of
Richmond, Richmond, Virginia, reading as follows:
“As result of flood conditions in our district, particularly sec­
tions of Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia, train and bus service
has been considerably delayed. Therefore, mail schedules cannot be
maintained and cash items received by us and our branches on
March 16th and thereafter are being credited according to our pub­
lished time schedules, subject to the right of this bank to charge
back to you any unpaid items at any time.”
Please be advised that cash items payable in the Fifth Federal Reserve
District received by us or sent direct by member banks are being credited
according to our published time schedule, subject to right to charge back
to you at any time any such items that are unpaid.

Yours very truly,
b. a

. McKi n n e y ,

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