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R e se r v e b a n k o f Da lla s

July 28,1964

To All Member Banks of the Eleventh
Federal Reserve D istrict:
There is enclosed a supply of envelopes which should be used in send­
ing to us each week the “Report of Deposits and Related D ata” (Form
AC-62). This supply should be sufficient for a six-month period. In the
future, a supply of envelopes will be included with each mailing of supplies
of Form AC-62.
It is important th at the completed reports be sent to the Federal
Reserve Bank as quickly as possible. Since the balances for a given day
are the balances at the opening of business, it should be possible to send
the report each Wednesday evening, even for those banks which have
adopted the practice of “delayed posting.” The cooperation of member
banks in sending the reports each Wednesday evening, and in using the
enclosed envelopes only for the purpose of submitting the reports, will
greatly facilitate the preparation of necessary statistical information and
th e re tu rn to m em ber banks of a completed “S tatem en t of Reserve
Yours very truly,

W atrous H. Irons


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