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F IS C A L . A G E N T O F T H E U N I T E D


Dallas, Texas, August 9,1943

To Qualified Issuing A gents for the Issuance
o f W ar Savings Bonds, Series E :

It is anticipated that the number of Series E War Savings bonds issued during the
Second War Loan drive will at least be doubled during the Third War Loan drive begin­
ning in September. It is requested, therefore, that in anticipation of increased sales, and
in order to be prepared to make prompt delivery of bonds, you estimate the amount of
bond stock you will need during September and place requisitions during August, and
periodically thereafter during the drive, with this bank or the appropriate branch, so
that you may have sufficient bonds on hand at all times to meet your requirements.
While it has been announced that the Third War Loan drive will start September 9,
1943, all sales of War Savings bonds, beginning with those made on September 1, 1943,
will be included in the drive figures, and this should be taken into consideration in
anticipating the amount of bond stock you will need.
If the amount of bond stock that you are now authorized to have on hand is not
large enough to meet your issuing requirements, it may be adjusted by giving this bank
or the appropriate branch full information in a letter indicating therein the amount
necessary to enable you to meet your present and anticipated needs.
Supplies of application forms, dating stamps, and other material used in the sale
and issuance of bonds should be reviewed and orders should be placed with this bank,
or the appropriate branch, immediately for whatever additional supplies that may be
needed during the course of the drive.
Agents located in the territories served by our
branches are authorized to issue United States Savings
to decentralize the work and to expedite the handling
our branches are urged to forward their applications
appropriate branch.

branches are reminded that the
Bonds of Series F and G. In order
of applications, agents served by
for Series F and G bonds to the

In order that the State Chairmen of the War Finance Committees and their organ­
izations may be kept currently advised of sales of all War Savings bonds in various coun­
ties and parishes in the district, it will be appreciated if during the drive all issuing
agents, other than those which issue bonds under the pay roll allotment plan, will report
sales on Form F. A. 82 to this bank or the appropriate branch at least twice a week.
Yours very truly,

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