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Reserve Bank




Circular No. 70-2^2
October 16, 1970

To the Chief Executive Officer of the Member Bank Addressed
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
We are pleased that your bank has indicated an interest in
the Senior Management Seminars proposed by this bank.

The response to

our proposal was very favorable and we have decided to conduct the SemiĀ­

The group size for each Seminar will be relatively small to encourage


Consequently, it may be several months before you hear from

us concerning a specific date for you to attend a meeting.
You will be invited to attend a Seminar and bring with you
one of your senior officers or directors.

We intend to conduct a series

of these meetings, and if you cannot attend the first Seminar scheduled
for you, there will be an opportunity to attend at a later date.
Very truly yours,
P. E. Coldwell

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