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Circular 70-280
November 30, 1970

To All Banks in the

Eleventh Federal Reserve District:

On Saturday, December 26, 1970, and Saturday, January 2, 1 9 7 our
head office at Dallas and branch offices at El Paso, Houston, and San
Antonio will not process and dispatch deferred credit items.
we will not forward a cash letter to your bank on those two dates.
For the information of banks depositing deferred credit items with
us, the availability of credit for items which otherwise would be handled
at our offices on the Saturdays mentioned will be calculated from Monday,
December 28, 1970 > and Monday, January k, 1 9 7 as
items will not be
handled by us until such dates.

The availability of credit for any deferred credit items which may
be forwarded to other Federal Reserve offices by our direct-sending members
on the Saturdays under discussion will be calculated from those Saturdays.
No facilities will be available at our head office and branches, however,
for handling any such items through consolidated shipments. Accordingly,
banks which normally deliver items to us for forwarding in consolidated
shipments are requested to forward the items independently on those two
Saturdays, and we shall be glad to reimburse them for the transportation
costs incurred, in conformity with the provisions of paragraphs 3 - an(i 35
of our Bulletin No. 8.
Yours very truly,
P. E. Coldwell

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