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Federal Reserve Bank

Dallas, Texas, January 15,1943

To All Banking Institutions in the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
On January 6, 1943, the Office of Price Administration mailed to all banks a letter announcing
that the Ration Banking Plan would be put into nation-wide operation beginning January 27, 1943.
The letter was accompanied by samples of the forms to be used by the banks, together with detailed
specifications for each form.
In order to facilitate the clearance of ration checks through the Federal Reserve System, each
Federal Reserve bank and branch has been assigned a routing symbol. Ration checks drawn on
banks located in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District should bear routing symbols as follows:
Federal Reserve
Routing Symbol
Banks located in the Dallas Head Office territory_______________________________ FR-11
Banks located in the El Paso Branch territory__________________________________FR-111
Banks located in the Houston Branch territory__________________________________ FR-112
Banks located in the San Antonio Branch territory_____________________________ FR-113
As explained in the specifications of the check as set forth in the letter above mentioned, the
routing symbol must appear to the left under the drawee bank’s name, with the American Bankers
Association transit number to the right, as in the following illustrations:
Head Office Territory
The First State Bank
Abernathy, Texas



El Paso Branch Territory

First National Bank
Fabens, Texas


Houston Branch Territory

Continental State Bank
Alto, Texas


San Antonio Branch Territory

First State Bank
Alamo, Texas


Your cooperation in using the appropriate symbol will be of benefit to all banks in the routing
of the checks.
Yours very truly,

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