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f e d e r a l

r e s e r v e

b a n k


Dallas, Texas, May 29, 1943

To the Member and Nonmember Clearing Banks
of the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
There is enclosed revised page 9 of our Bulletin No. 8,
relating to the collection of cash items. This page, representing
the time schedule of availability, will become effective June 1,
1943. The principal changes made therein relate to the earlier
closing hours for the receipt of Government checks and war­
rants and to the increased collection time applicable to items
payable in certain other Federal Reserve bank and branch
The revised page should be inserted in the ring binder
containing bulletins of this bank and the Regulations of the
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, in lieu of
the corresponding page dated November 16, 1942.
Yours very truly,

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