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Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
2200 N. PEARL ST.
DALLAS, TX 75201-2272

October 22, 2009
Notice 09‑76
TO: The Chief Executive Officer of each
financial institution and others concerned
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District
Results of Special Election
Class A Director
The special election of a Class A director to succeed George A. Fisk and to serve during the
unexpired portion of his term of office ending December 31, 2011, has been duly held in accordance
with the requirements of Section 4 of the Federal Reserve Act.
As a result of the election, Mr. George F. Jones Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, Texas
Capital Bancshares Inc., and Chief Executive Officer, Texas Capital Bank, Dallas, Texas, was elected
by the voting banks in Group 1 as a Class A Director to succeed Mr. Fisk for the unexpired portion of
his term.
Sincerely yours,


James T. Hackett

Chairman of the Board

For additional copies, bankers and others are encouraged to use one of the following toll-free numbers in contacting the Federal
Reserve Bank of Dallas: Dallas Office (800) 333-4460; El Paso Branch Intrastate (800) 592-1631, Interstate (800) 351-1012;
Houston Branch Intrastate (800) 392-4162, Interstate (800) 221-0363; San Antonio Branch Intrastate (800) 292-5810.