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Dallas, Texas, February 24, 1941

To the Member Banks of the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
I am pleased to announce that the Board of Directors of this bank has
unanimously reelected Mr. R. R. Gilbert as President and Mr. E. B. Stroud
as First Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, each for
a term of five years, beginning March 1, 1941, and that the reelection of
these officers has been approved by the Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve System.
I am also pleased to announce that all of the other officers of the bank,
including its El Paso, Houston and San Antonio Branches, have been reĀ­
elected for the year 1941.
Yours very truly,


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For the current year the directors and officers of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and its El
Paso, Houston and San Antonio branches are as follows:
J. H. M erritt, McKinney, Texas


J ay T aylor, Amarillo, Texas

Deputy Chairman

F ord S eale, Denison, Texas
J. B. Cozzo, Dallas, Texas
Womack & Cozzo, Builders & Contractors
President, Citizens National Bank
F rank T urner, Decatur, Texas
E. L. K urth , Keltys, Texas
Vice President and General Manager, Angelina
President, First National Bank
County Lumber Company
J. M. W est, Houston, Texas
Chairman of Board, West Production Company
J. R. M ilam , Waco, Texas
President, The Cooper Company, Inc.
E d H. W inton , Fort Worth, Texas
Executive Vice President, Continental National Bank

Member of Federal Advisory Council
R. E. H arding, Fort Worth, Texas
President, Fort Worth National Bank

R. R. Gilbert, President
E. B. S troud, First Vice President and General Counsel

E. B. A ustin , Assistant Cashier

R. B. Coleman, Vice President
W. J. E vans, Vice President and Secretary of the Board

L. G. P ondrom, Assistant Cashier
R. O. W ebb, Assistant Cashier
M ac C. S myth , Assistant Cashier

W. O. F ord, Cashier

W. H. H olloway, General Auditor

F rank R. Coon, Deming, New Mexico


H. A. Jacobs, El Paso, Texas
President, Mimbres Valley Bank
Vice President, El Paso National Bank
F rank M. H ayner , Las Cruces, New Mexico
J ack B. M artin , Tucson, Arizona
President, Las Cruces Lumber Company
President, Arizona Ice and Cold Storage Company
J. L. H ermann , El Paso, Texas
R. W. M cA fee, El Paso, Texas
Managing Director
Vice President, State National Bank
R. E. S herman , El Paso, Texas
President, Leavell & Sherman, Inc.
J. L. H ermann , Managing Director

George G. C hance , Bryan, Texas

P. B. D oty, Beaumont, Texas
President, First National Bank
W. D. Gentry, Houston, Texas
Managing Director

W. D. Gentry, Managing Director


A llen S ayles, Cashier


W. N. Greer, Houston, Texas
Vice President, Citizens State Bank
S am R. L awder, Houston, Texas
Vice President, First National Bank
H. R enfert, Galveston, Texas
Cotton Merchant
S am T aub , Houston, Texas
J. N. Taub and Sons


H. R. D e M oss, Cashier


E dwin F. F lato, Corpus Christi, Texas
President, National Bank of Commerce
President, Corpus Christi Hardware Company
E rnest J. M iller, San Antonio, Texas
D olph B riscoe, Uvalde, Texas
President, South Texas National Bank
J. M. O dom, Austin, Texas
M. Crump , San Antonio, Texas
Managing Director
General Contractor
J. A. W alker, Del Rio, Texas
Cashier, Del Rio National Bank

J. K. B eretta, San Antonio, Texas

M. Crump , Managing Director


W. E. E agle, Cashier