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October 24, 1985
Circular 85-128


All member banks in the Eleventh
Federal Reserve District
Results o f Board o f Directors Election

The election of directors to succeed John P. Gilliam, Class A
Director, and Robert Ted Enloe, III, Class B Director, whose terms expire
December 31, 1985, has been duly held in accordance with the requirements of
Section 4 of the Federal Reserve Act, as amended by the Federal Reserve Reform
Act of 1977, and the provisions of Circular 85-112 issued by this office under
date of August 20, 1985.
The results of the election are as follows:
Robert Ted Enloe, III, President, Lomas & Nettleton
Financial Corporation, Dallas, Texas, was re-elected
by the banks in Group 1 as a Class B Director.
Charles T. Doyle, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive
Officer, Gulf National Bank, Texas City, Texas, was
elected by the banks in Group 3 as a Class A Director.
Each director was elected for a term of three years to begin
January 1, 1986.
Sincerely yours,

Robert D. Rogers
Chairman of the Board

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