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Federal Reserve Bank


November lU, 195>G

To the Business or Trade Organization Addresseds
In accordance with the provisions of Regulation W, persons and
firms engaged in certain classes of business are required within a sixtyday period to file a registration statement with the appropriate Federal
Reserve bank or branch* For persons engaged in the business of making
instalment loans or instalment sales of listed articles on September 18,
19^0, the period within which the required registration statement should
be filed expires on November 17, 195>0*
While a substantial number of persons and firms have already
submitted registration statements, others apparently subject to the reguĀ­
lation have not done so*
We would appreciate it if you would bring the November 17, 1950,
deadline for the filing of registration statements to the attention of your
membership. No doubt an appropriate announcement at a membership meeting
or a timely reference to the matter in any publications or other materials
which you have occasion to distribute to your membership would be highly
There is attached a copy of a circular letter dated September 29,
1950, issued by this bank, which furnishes an outline of the requirements
regarding registration*
In mentioning the matter may we suggest that you request persons
desiring further information or registration statement forms to communicate
with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas or the branch (El Fasoj Houston, or
San Antonio) which serves the territory in which the registrant is located*
Tour cooperation in this connection will no doubt be of service
to certain members of your organization, and will be greatly appreciated by
this bank.

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