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Dallas, Texas, December 19, 1941

To the Executive Officer of the
Chamber of Commerce Addressed:
There is enclosed a copy of our circular letter dated Decem­
ber 19,1941, which calls to the attention of certain persons and
business organizations the necessity of filing a Registration
Statement by December 31, 1941, in order to continue to han­
dle, after that date, instalment transactions of the types cov­
ered by Regulation W.
Inasmuch as many persons and business concerns appar­
ently subject to the provisions of the regulation have not filed
Registration Statements up to this time, we shall appreciate
it if you will bring this matter to the attention of the members
of your organization.
We thank you for your splendid cooperation in disseminat­
ing information regarding Regulation W and the President’s
Executive Order No. 8843.

Yours very truly,

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