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Dallas, Texas, December 15, 1941

To All Banking Institutions, and Others Concerned,
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
The Secretary of the Treasury has issued the following press statement:
“ The Secretary of State, acting in conjunction with the Secretary of the Treasury,
the Attorney General, the Secretary of Commerce, the Executive Director of the Economic
Defense Board, and the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, pursuant to the President’s
proclamation of July 17, 1941, on December 9, issued Supplement No. 5 to ‘The Proclaimed
List of Certain Blocked Nationals.’
“ This supplement, which is devoted exclusively to Japanese firms and persons in the
American Republics, contains 470 additions to the Proclaimed List. Several non-Japanese
individuals are included because of their important affiliation with Japanese enterprises.
A further supplement containing additional Japanese cases will be issued shortly.
“ The attention of the public is again called to the fact that the Treasury Department
has revoked all outstanding general and specific licenses in so far as they authorize any
transactions by, or on behalf of, or for the benefit of Japan and her nationals wherever
situated. Supplement No. 5 merely contains the names of certain Japanese firms and per­
sons in the American Republics, and the fact that the name of a particular concern or
individual is omitted from the Proclaimed List should not be taken to mean that such firm
or person is not a Japanese national nor to authorize transactions in which any Japanese
national not on the list may have an interest. Individuals and concerns subject to the
jurisdiction of the United States, including all branches, subsidiaries, agents and affiliates
of such concerns in the American Republics, may not have any financial, business, or com­
mercial dealings of any nature whatsoever in which Japan or her nationals have an interest.
Acting Secretary of the Treasury”
December 9,1941

Yours very truly,

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