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To the Bank Addressed:

It has been our practice for a number of years to include with our
daily cash letter a stamped, addressed envelope for the convenience of
banks in remitting for the items enclosed. In a great many instances, banks
have accumulated a surplus of envelopes and, in some cases, have returned
them to us.
In view of this fact, we have decided to discontinue the practice of
enclosing stamped envelopes with our regular cash letters, and, in lieu
thereof, we are mailing you today a month’s supply of stamped envelopes
for your convenience in making remittances covering our cash letters.
We are enclosing with this supply a reorder card, and before you
have exhausted the last of the supply on hand, please return the card to
us, and we shall be glad to send you a new supply of envelopes. Supplies
of these envelopes will be forwarded from time to time as reordered.


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