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Fe d e r a l Re s e r v e Ba n k


Da l l a s

D A LLA S 1 3 ,TE XA S

June 1,1948

To the Member and Nonmember Clearing Banks
of the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:

Further reference is made to our circular letter of April 23,
1948, relating to the observance of daylight saving time by
several Federal Reserve banks and branches.
For your information, we have been advised that the Port­
land Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
will observe daylight saving time from June 1 through Septem­
ber 25, 1948. During that period, our time limit for the accept­
ance of wire transfers to the Portland Branch, for completion
on date of receipt, will be one hour earlier than the time shown
on our schedule.
Yours very truly,

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