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Circular No. 7*+-303
November 12, 197*+


To All Banks in the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
The Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
today announced that Mr. Ernest T. Baughman has been elected President
of this Bank, effective December 9, 197*+- Mr. Baughman has been First
Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago since 1970. He
has undergraduate and graduate degrees in agriculture and economics
from the University of Minnesota and has been a career executive with
the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago since he joined that organization
in 19*+6. He started as an agricultural economist in the Research De­
partment of the Chicago Reserve Bank, became Assistant Vice President
in 1952, and successively Vice President, Senior Vice President,
serving in those capacities also as an associate economist of the
Federal Open Market Committee, and finally First Vice President in
1970. Mr. Baughman is a member of the Chicago Bankers Club, Chicago
Association of Commerce and Industry, and American Finance Associa­
tion; and a trustee of The Farm Foundation. He is a member of the
staff of the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin
where he instructs the course in monetary policy. Mr. Baughman is
58 years old, is married, and has three grown daughters.
Mr. Baughman succeeds Philip E. Coldwell, who resigned
October 28, 197*+ to become a member of the Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System in Washington, D. C.
A complete list of the officers of this Bank and its Branches,
effective December 9, 197*+, is shown on the reverse of this circular.
Sincerely yours

Chairman of the Board

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Ernest T. Baughman ------------------ President
T. W. P l a n t -------------------------- First Vice President
Robert H. Boykin -------------------- Senior Vice President and Secretary
James L. Cauthen -------------------- Senior Vice President
Tony J . Salvaggio ------------------- Senior Vice President
Robert A. Brown ---------------------- General Auditor
George F . Rudy ----------------------- General Counsel
George C. Cochran, III -------------- Vice President
Leon W. C o w a n ------------------------ Vice President
Ralph T. G r e e n -----------------------Vice President
Larry D. H i g g i n s -------------------- Vice President
Carl H. M o o r e ------------------------ Vice President
W. M. P r i t c h e t t ----------------------Vice President
Fredric W. R e e d --------------------- Vice President
Harry E. Robinson, Jr. ---------------Vice President
Rasco R. S t o r y -----------------------Vice President
Thomas R. Sullivan ------------------ Vice President
E. W. Vorlop, Jr. ------------------- Vice President and Controller
Sidney J. Alexander, Jr. ------------ Assistant Vice President
Richard D. Ingram ------------------- Assistant Vice President and
Assistant Secretary
William H. Kelly -------------------- Assistant Vice President
Jesse D. Sanders -------------------- Assistant Vice President
Robert Smith, III ------------------- Assistant Vice President and
Assistant Secretary
T. E. Spreng ------------------------- Assistant Vice President
E. A. Thaxton, Jr. ------------------ Assistant Vice President
C. L. V i c k --------------------------- Assistant Vice President
Joseph E. Burns --------------------- Director of Research
Charles A. Gore --------------------- Chief Examiner
J. W. Harlow, Jr. ------------------- Data Processing Officer
C. J. Pickering --------------------- Planning Officer
Carla M. Warberg -------------------- Research Officer
Carroll D. Blake -------------------- Bank Relations Officer and
and Assistant Secretary
J . A. Clymer ------------------------- Operations Officer
Thomas H. Rust ----------------------- Personnel Officer
Sammy T. Schulze -------------------- Assistant General Auditor
Millard E. Sweatt, Jr. -------------- Assistant Counsel
El Paso Branch
Fredric W. R e e d --------------------- Vice President in Charge
Forrest E. Coleman ------------------ Assistant Vice President
Joel L. Koonce, Jr. ----------------- Operations Officer
Houston Branch
James L. Cauthen -------------------- Senior Vice President in Charge
Rasco R. S t o r y -----------------------Vice President
J. Z. R o w e --------------------------- Assistant Vice President
Vernon L. Bartee -------------------- Operations Officer
Thomas H. Robertson ----------------- Operations Officer
San Antonio Branch
Carl H. M o o r e ------------------------ Vice President in Charge
Frederick J. Schmid ----------------- Assistant Vice President
Thomas C. Cole ---------------------- Operations Officer
Robert W. Schultz ------------------- Operations Officer

Effective December 9, 197*+

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102