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F ederal reserve Bank

Dallas, Texas, February 27, 1959


To All Banks in the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
I am pleased to announce the following changes in the official staff of the Federal
Reserve Bank of Dallas:
Mr. James L. Cauthen, Assistant Cashier, was elected Vice President of
the Bank.
Mr. Carl H. Moore, Assistant Vice President, was elected Vice President and
designated as Vice President in Charge, San Antonio Branch.
Mr. George F. Rudy, Assistant Counsel and Assistant Secretary of the Board,
was elected General Counsel and Assistant Secretary of the Board.
Mr. Thomas R. Sullivan, Assistant Cashier of the Houston Branch, was
elected Assistant Cashier of the Bank and assigned to the Head Office.
Mr. Roy E. Bohne, Manager of the Fiscal Agency Department, was elected
Assistant Cashier of the Bank.
Mr. Rasco R. Story, Manager of the Transit Department, was elected AssistĀ­
ant Cashier of the Houston Branch.
Mr. Robert H. Boykin, Legal Assistant, was elected Assistant Counsel of
the Bank.
Mr. W. E. Eagle, Vice President in Charge, San Antonio Branch, will retire on April 1,
1959, after reaching the normal retirement age of 65, under the provisions of the RetireĀ­
ment System of Federal Reserve Banks.
The changes with respect to Messrs. Cauthen, Rudy, Bohne, and Boykin will become
effective on March 1, 1959; those with respect to Messrs. Moore, Sullivan, and Story will
become effective April 1, 1959.
A complete list of officers of the Bank and its branches is shown on the reverse of
this circular.
Yours very truly,

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March 1, 1959
W atrous H. I rons. President
H arry A. Shuford , First Vice President
A rthur H. L ang, General Auditor

H oward C arrithers, Vice President

G eorge F. R udy, General Counsel and Assistant

J ames L. C authen , Vice President

Secretary of the Board

J. L. C ook, Vice President

R obert H. Boykin , Assistant Counsel
W. E. E agle, Vice President

C arl H. M oore, Assistant Vice President

T. A. H ardin, Vice President

- E. H. Berg, Assistant Cashier

G. R. M u r ff , Vice President

R oy E. Bohne , Assistant Cashier

T. W. P lant , Vice President and Cashier

H erman W. K ilman , Assistant Cashier

L. G. P ondrom , Vice President

W. M. P ritchett , Assistant Cashier

M organ H. R ice , Vice President and

Secretary of the Board
Charls E. W alker , Vice President and

Economic Adviser

P hilip E. C oldwell , Director of Research

Moss E. H ulsey , J r ., Chief Examiner
J ames A. P arker, Director of Personnel

H oward C arrithers, Vice President in Charge
F redric W. R eed , Cashier
T. C. A rnold, Assistant Cashier

J. L. C ook, Vice President in Charge
B. J. T roy, Cashier
W. C. H artung, Assistant Cashier
T homas R. S ullivan , Assistant Cashier

W. E. E agle, Vice President in Charge
A. E. M undt , Cashier
Alvin E. R ussell , Assistant Cashier
F rederick J. Schmid , Assistant Cashier

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102