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Circular No. 7^-176
June 28, 197^


To All Banks in the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District:

It is a pleasure to announce that the Board of Directors of the
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has made the following changes in the of­
ficial staff of the Head Office, effective July 1, 197^-*
Ms. Carla M. Warberg (Mrs. Carla Kelly), Senior Economist,
has been elected to the official position of Research Officer.
Ms. Warberg, a native of Colorado, was employed by the Bank
in 1969 as an Economist in the Research Department and was
promoted to Senior Economist in July 1973. She holds a B.A.
degree in economics from the University of Colorado and M.A.
and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Wisconsin.


Sammy T. Schulze, Audit Coordinator, has "been elected to the
official position of Assistant General Auditor. A native of
Beaumont, Texas, Mr. Schulze was employed by the Bank in
1962 as a clearing house runner in the Transit Department.
He worked in various departments of the Bank until 1966 when
he was transferred to the Auditing Department where he has
served in various positions, such as Junior Auditor, Senior
Auditor, EDP Auditor, and Audit Coordinator. Mr. Schulze
holds a B.B.A. degree in accounting from the University of
Texas at Arlington. He is a Certified Public Accountant in
the State of Texas and a Certified Internal Auditor.

A complete list of the officers of this Bank and its Branches,
effective July 1, 197*9 is shown on the reverse of this circular.

Yours very truly,
P. E. Coldwell

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P. E. Coldwell -----------------T. W. Plant--------------------Robert H. Boykin ---------------James L. Cauthen ----------------Tony J. Salvaggio --------------Robert A. Brown ----------------George F. Rudy -----------------George C. Cochran, III ----------Leon W. Cowan------------------Ralph T. Green-----------------Larry D. Higgins---------------Carl H. Moore------------------W. M. Pritchett----------------Fredric W. R e e d ----------------Harry E. Robinson, Jr. ----------Rasco R. Story-----------------Thomas R. Sullivan --------------E. W. Vorlop, Jr. ---------------Sidney J. Alexander, Jr. --------Richard D. Ingram ----------------


First Vice President
Senior Vice President and Secretary
Senior Vice President
Senior Vice President
General Auditor
General Counsel
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President and Controller
Assistant Vice
Assistant Vice President and
Assistant Secretary
William H. Kelly ---------------Assistant Vice
Jesse D. Sanders ----------------- Assistant Vice
Robert Smith, III ---------------- Assistant Vice President and
Assistant Secretary
T. E. Spreng -------------------Assistant Vice
E. A. Thaxton, J r . ----- ---------- Assistant Vice
C. L. V i c k---------------------Assistant Vice
Joseph E. Burns ----------------Director of Research
Chief Examiner
Charles A. Gore ----------------J. W. Harlow, Jr. --------------Data Processing Officer
C. J. Pickering ----------------Planning Officer
Carla M. Warberg ---------------Research Officer
Carroll D. Blake ----------------- Bank Relations
Officer and
Assistant Secretary
J. A. Clymer -------------------Operations Officer
Thomas H. Rust -----------------Personnel Officer
Sammy T. Schulze ----------------- Assistant General Auditor
Millard E. Sweatt, Jr. ----------- Assistant Counsel
El Paso Branch
Fredric W. R e e d ----------------Vice President in Charge
Forrest E. Coleman --------------- Assistant Vice President
Joel L. Koonce, Jr. -------------- Operations Officer
Houston Branch
James L. Cauthen ----------------- Senior Vice President in Charge
Vice President
Rasco R. Story-----------------J. Z. R o w e ---------------------Assistant Vice President
Vernon L. Bartee ---------------- Operations Officer
Thomas H. Robertson ------------- Operations Officer
San Antonio Branch
Carl H. Moore------------------Vice President in Charge
Frederick J. Schmid -------------- Assistant Vice President
Thomas C. Cole ------------------ Operations Officer
Robert W. Schultz --------------- Operations Officer
Effective July 1, 197*+

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102