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F ederal Reserve Bank of D allas


C irc u la r No. 76-10
J a n u a r y 21, 1976

A m e ric a n R e v o lu tio n B ic en ten n ia l


Payment for Noncash Items
For many y e a r s , the Federal R e se rv e Banks, in remitting to th e i r de p o sito rs the
pro c ee d s for noncash items han dled for collection, have d e fe r re d c re d itin g the funds to r e s e r v e
a ccounts until the payment d ra fts of the p a y o r banks have been collected. This prac tic e often has
delayed payment for several d a y s after the funds have been received by the R e se rv e Banks.
As a step toward e xpediting payment for noncash items, the R e se rv e Banks will u n i­
formly adopt a new policy to be effective F e b r u a r y 2, 1976. Under the new p r o c e d u r e , the p r o ­
ceeds in payment of noncash items, when received at this Bank in the form of bank d r a f ts , will be
made available to depositing b a nks in a c cordance with the deferm ent sched ule for cash items
(Supplement A of Bulletin 10) .
Eligibility of Noncash Items
Since 1974, all noncash items, ex cep t those deposited by a member bank and dra w n
upon a member b a n k , have been p ro c e s se d and collected th r o u g h channels other th an the Federal
R e s e rv e System. In re s p o n s e to a qu e stion r a is e d , ap plicable law has been in te r p r e te d to fu r th e r
exclude from eligibility for handling by the R e serve B ank s, any su c h items which a r e d ra w n to
be payable at a member bank.
Revised p ages of Bulletin 9, reflecting the c h a n g e s re f e r r e d to a bove, will be for­
w a rd e d to yo u r bank in the ne a r f u tu re .
Responsibility for the Noncash Collection function at Dallas has been t r a n s f e r r e d from
the Mailing Departm ent to the S ecu rities D epartm ent. Any q u e stio n s co nc e rn in g the se ch ang es
should be d ire c te d to R ichard D. Ingram, A ssista nt Vice P r e s id e n t, at (214) 651-6340, or the offi­
cer having re sp o n sib ility for the Noncash Collection function at o u r El Paso, Houston, or San
Antonio B ran ch.
S incerely y o u r s ,
T . W. Plant
F irst Vice P res id e n t

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