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F ederal r es er v e Bank o f Dallas


C irc u la r No. 78-133
September 20, 1978


T h is is to advise that Citizens Bank and T r u s t Company of Baytown,
T e x a s , Baytown, T e x a s , located in the t e r r it o r y served by the Houston Branch of
the Federal Reserve Bank of D allas, w ill be admitted as a member of the Federal
Reserve System effective the opening of buisness September 21, 1978.
T h e bank has a capital stru ctu re of $7,8 9 1 ,0 0 0 , consisting of capital
stock of $ 2 ,0 0 0 ,0 0 0 , surplus of $ 2 ,0 0 0 ,0 0 0 , un d ivid ed profits and reserves of
$ 2 ,8 9 1 ,0 0 0 , and capital notes of $ 1,000 ,00 0.
Its officers and directo rs a r e as follows:
John C . Echols, Chairm an of the Board
and C h ief Executive O fficer
M rs . Hazel C . Echols, V ic e Chairman
of the Board
Conrad W. M ag o u irk , President
C arl B randon, V ice President
E. Reginald B re w e r, V ice President
W illiam J . G id le y , Vice President
and T r u s t O fficer
Ted H . M cC all, V ic e President
Lynn McCage, V ic e President
and Com ptroller
M rs . Beatrice Horton, V ice President
Ralph H . Kunz, V ice President
Richard D . S c riv n e r, V ic e President
Jess T a y lo r , V ice President
Mike Wilson, Auditor
Michael C . B a rro w , T r u s t O fficer
M rs . W ynnell B r in k le y , Cashier
M rs . M a ry F . Fayle
Assistant Vice President

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M rs . Janet G rigsby
Assistant V ic e President
M rs . Thelma Hamilton
Assistant Vice President
M rs . Carol H arrison
Assistant Vice President
M rs . Gayle G u id re y , Assistant Cashier
M rs . S h irle y A r c h e r , Assistant Cashier
M rs . Bobbie F o rten b e rry
Assistant T r u s t O fficer
William Ketchum
Assistant Com ptroller
M . C . Bray
Donald L. Brunson, D . D . S .
N . H . Conder
M rs . Hazel C . Echols
John C . Echols
J . D . Giddings
William J . G idley
Robert L. Gillette
John W illiam Hartman
M rs . Beatrice Horton

Johnnie G. Jennings
C . Lee Liggett, M .D .
Conrad W. M agouirk
T . D . O 'B rie n , S r.
R . H . Pruett
Richard D . S c riv n e r
Walter G . Sterling
Douglas W. Stewart
Robert S tric kla n d

T h e combined A B A number and Federal Reserve Bank routing symbol of
the new bank is 8 8 -1 9 9 2 .
S in ce re ly you rs,
Ernest T . Baughman

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102