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Federal R eser ve Bank

June 28, 1985


Circular 85-89


The Chief Executive Officer of all
depository institutions in the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District

New procedures, effective August 23, 1985, on routine over-the-rqad
cash transportation

Effective August 23, 1985, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas will
discontinue its role in arranging for routine over-the-road cash
transportation to and from depository financial institutions in the Eleventh
Federal Reserve District. Similar action has been taken within the past years
regarding over-the-road cash transportation in the State of New Mexico and
city and suburban cash transportation in Reserve Bank cities.
This decision is the result of a determination that this action
continues the trend in past actions and that recent legislation in the State
of Texas will allow all armored carrier companies greater flexibility to
competitively engage in the transportation of coin and currency and to
effectively meet the varied needs of depository financial institutions in
Texas. Similar considerations would apply to the cash transportation
involving depository financial institutions served by this office and located
outside Texas.
The last delivery of currency and coin under our current carrier
arrangements will be on Friday, August 23, 1985. Similarly, all shipments to
the respective Reserve Bank office under such arrangements should be
dispatched to reach the Reserve Bank office no later than the close of
business on August 23, 1985. Transportation charges incurred through August
23, 1985, will be billed on September 9, 1985, and charged to the designated
reserve account on September 16, 1985.

For additional copies of any circular please contact the Public Affairs Department at (214) 651-6289. Banks and others are
encouraged to use the following incoming WATS numbers in contacting this Bank (800) 442-7140 (intrastate) and (800)
527-9200 (interstate).

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Depository institutions should contact armored carrier firms to make
arrangements for the transport of its coin and currency. After making
transportation arrangements, the depository institution will be required to
send a letter to its Federal Reserve office specifying the carrier authorized
to receive coin and currency shipments from the Reserve office and to deliver
its coin and currency to the Reserve office. The letter must be signed by an
officer of the depository institution whose signature is on file with the
respective servicing Reserve office. This letter of authorization will remain
in effect until canceled or superseded. The letter of authorization should
reach the Cash Department of the Reserve office serving your institution no
later than on Friday, August 16, 1985, in order for cash shipments to continue
uninterrupted. The scheduled delivery date will continue to be determined by
the Reserve Bank.

Should you have any questions or need assistance in contacting
armored carriers, we will be pleased to provide the names and telephone
numbers of armored carrier representatives who may be contacted. In this
regard, please contact Mary Louise Rosas, (214) 651-6336 at the Dallas office,
Robert W. Schultz, (915) 544-4730 at the El Paso office, Luke E. Richards,
(713) 659-4433 at the Houston office, and Tony G. Valencia, (512) 224-2141 at
the San Antonio office.
Sincerely yours,

William H. Wallace

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63102