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F ed er a l Rese r v e Ba n k





Circular No. 71-263
October 29, 1971

To the Member and Nonmember Banks of the Eleventh
Federal Reserve District and Others Concerned:

Effective November 1, 1971> this bank is initiating a new policy of
accepting from member banks unsorted immediate and deferred cash items under
certain conditions as shown below:

Up to 300 immediate and deferred credit items (excluding foodj
coupons) will be accepted in a single unsorted cash letter up
to the closing hour for receipt of unencoded country items
(12:00 noon) with availability computed one day after day of


Up to 2,000 immediate and deferred credit items (excludingfood coupons) amount encoded will be accepted in a single
cash letter when received in time to clear the immediate
credit items (9:00 a.m.) on the day of receipt with avail­
ability computed one day after day of receipt.


The acceptance of unsorted items is contingent upon the fact
that items sent to this bank on any day shall include all
such items processed by the member bank on that day.


Prior approval of this bank is required.

Bulletin No. 8, "Collection of Cash Items" and Bulletin No. 8A,
"Check Collection Time Schedules and Other Information Related to the Collec- tion of Cash Items" are in the process of being revised. Bulletin No. 8A will
be renumbered as Bulletin No. 10. These revised bulletins will be effective
November 1, 1971•
The new policy should be beneficial to member banks with volume fal­
ling within these limits and should represent a savings in processing time to
these banks and may result in some improvement in credit availability. De­
tailed information will be contained in the revised bulletins. If you have
any questions regarding this program of accepting unsorted immediate and defer­
red cash items, please contact the appropriate Federal Reserve Office serving
yuur bank.

Yours very truly,
P. E. Coldwell

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