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Federal Reserve




Da ll a s


Circular No. 67-198
October 4,1967

To All Member Banks
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
Enclosed are new pages to the Published Interpretations of
the Board o f Governors o f the Federal Reserve System. These
pages, described as Supplement No. 8, will bring the Published
Interpretations up to date through June 30, 1967. By following
the instructions on the first page o f the material you will be able
to remove the uncurrent pages and substitute the new pages
correctly. The pages removed from your binder may be destroyed.
This bank has not made provision for supplying additional
sets or pages o f the material; in the event you desire extra
copies, please address your request to the Division o f AdminisĀ­
trative Services, Board o f Governors o f the Federal Reserve
System, Washington, D. C. 20551.
Yours very truly,
Watrous H. Irons


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