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Dallas, Texas, December 31,1940


To All Banking Institutions in the
Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
(Please call to immediate attention of officer handling defense loans)
The Defense Commission has urgently requested us to furnish, not later than Friday, January
10, the largest possible list of potential supply sources of certain items of millwork for defense
projects in this district. The names of potential suppliers will be forwarded to Washington by wire
from day to day as received by us.
You will find listed below descriptive specifications in general terms and approximate quantities
that may be called for at once; however, the defense building program for the year 1941 will call
for much larger quantities. Bids, when called for, will be to construction contractors on the respecĀ­
tive projects, and may be F. 0. B. plant or job, as called for. Bidders may bid for any part or all of
any item or items. Delivery dates for quantities called for now will vary, but generally will be
through February, March and April, 1941.
In addition to firms generally listed as mill works, sash and door companies, etc., the Defense
Commission wishes to have the names of other companies having wood working equipment or
departments in connection with their primary business, capable of producing the type of millwork
desired, and willing to make their facilities available to the Government for this purpose, such as
planing mills, furniture factories, cabinet plants, store fixture manufacturers, wooden packing case
factories, casket manufacturers, etc.
The projects are located at several points in our district, and the materials desired, all for units
of four room houses, are combined and listed below:
10785 Window frames, single, 12 lights, approximately 9 x 12
2876 Window frames, twin, 12 lights, approximately
9 x 12
16537 Windows, glazed, 12 lights, approximately
9 x 12
1438 Louvers, octagon and half circle, approximately 2'-0"
2157 Door frames, exterior, approximately 2-8 x 6-9
1438 Doors, exterior, two panels, glazed, approximately 2-8 x 6-9
719 Doors, rear, one panel, glazed, approximately 2-6 x 6-7
13661 Doors, interior, two panel, approximately 2-6 x 6-7
Plus proportionate quantities of half screens, door screens, door jambs, sides window trim, sides
door trim, flights stairs, base sink cabinets, broom and shelf cabinets, medicine cabinets, weather
If any of your customers have facilities to furnish any of the materials listed above, please
submit their names at once. It will also be helpful if you will fill out in each case form ND-l, a
supply of which was forwarded to you some time ago. It is desirable to obtain supplies as close as
possible to the various points of use, and it will facilitate assembling the information desired if you
will address your communications to the Head Office or to the Branch assigned to the territory in
which your institution is located.
It is of utmost importance that this information be furnished the Defense Commission as soon
as possible and your cooperation is solicited.
Yours very truly,

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