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F e d e r a l R e s e r v e Ba n k

Dallas, Texas, July 3, 1953

To the Member and Nonmember Clearing Banks
of the Eleventh Federal Reserve District.
We have been informed that the Nashville Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta will
remain closed on Saturdays during the months of July and August 1953.
The following is a revised list of Federal Reserve banks and branches which observe Saturday
Baltimore . . . (branch of Richmond)
Buffalo . . . . (branch of New York)
Cincinnati . . (branch of Cleveland)
Denver . . . . (branch of Kansas City)
Detroit . . . . (branch of Chicago)
Kansas City
Little Rock . . (branch of St. Louis)
Los Angeles . (branch of San Francisco)
Louisville . . (branch of St. Louis)
(except in any week in which
another holiday is observed)
Memphis . . . (branch of St. Louis)
(May 9 to September 19, 1953, inclusive)

Nashville . . . (branch of Atlanta)
(during July and August 1953)
New Orleans . . (branch of Atlanta)
(except when immediately
preceded by a holiday)
New York
Oklahoma City (branch of Kansas City)
O m aha............ (branch of Kansas City)
Pittsburgh . . . (branch of Cleveland)
St. Louis
Salt Lake City . (branch of San Francisco)
(except when the preceding Friday
or following Monday is a holiday)
San Francisco
S eattle............ (branch of San Francisco)

Accordingly, telegraphic transfers to the above Reserve banks and branches cannot be accepted
for consummation on Saturdays on which they remain closed.
As many states have laws permitting Saturday closing and certain banks are remaining closed
on Saturdays pursuant thereto, allowance should be made for possible delays in the presentation of
items drawn on or payable at such banks, in the return of unpaid cash items, and in forwarding
advices of nonpayment of such items.
Yours very truly,

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