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Circular No. 1 5
Series of 1920





April 26, 1920.

Our Board of Directors at a recent meeting elected Mr. R. R. Gilbert,
now Manager of the El Paso Branch, to the position of Senior Assistant
Cashier with the bank at Dallas and has assigned to him the important
post of Manager of the Member Bank Relations Department now being
Mr. Gilbert has been with the bank from the time of its establish­
ment and has filled practically every place in the bank. It is believed
that his recognized ability and large experience perculiarly fit him for
the work assigned him. It is expected that his activities will bring him
into very close relations to both member and non-member banks, and it
is believed that through this department, of which Mr. Gilbert has charge,
we will be able to render a better and more valuable service to the whole
banking and commercial community than we have heretofore been able
to do. This selection of Mr. Gilbert has been approved by the Federal
Reserve Board at Washington, and it is expected that he will assume his
new position around the first of May.
Mr. W. C. Weiss, heretofore general Auditor of the bank, has been
elected a director of the El Paso Branch and Manager of same to succeed
Mr. Gilbert. Mr. Weiss will bring to the discharge of that important place
a varied experience, and it is hoped and believed that he will measure up
to the full requirements of the position.
Very respectfully,

Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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