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Federal Reserve Bank

Dallas, Texas, April 24, 1952


To the Principal Executive Officer
of the Member Bank Addressed:
There is enclosed in this letter a leaflet describing a 16 mm., black and white, sound
motion picture film entitled “ The Federal Reserve Bank and You.” This film presents
a 80-minute story built around the Federal Reserve System and what it means to the
individual citizen as a result of its relation to commercial banking, business, industry,
and agriculture. We believe the film will be a valuable aid to students of economics, money
and banking, and other social studies in high schools, colleges, and universities; in addi­
tion, it should be of value and interest to luncheon and civic clubs, women’s clubs, bank
employees, and other groups.
If, at any time, your bank should desire to sponsor a presentation of this film, you
should communicate with W. D. Waller, Assistant Cashier, Bank and Public Relations
Department of this bank. Inasmuch as the number of prints is limited, requests for the
film will be honored in the order of their receipt. Therefore, an alternate date should
be submitted with your request. All expenses in connection with the shipment of the film
to and from the member banks and all risks of loss or damage to the film will be borne
by this bank.
We will be very glad to make this sound motion picture film available to your bank
if you feel that there are one or more groups in your community interested in such a visual
educational program.
Yours very truly,

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