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F ederal reserve

Bank of Dallas



Circular No. 72-59
March 2k, 1972

To All Nonreserve City Member Banks
in the Head Office Territory,
Eleventh Federal Reserve District:

As a service to member banks in the Head Office territory
of this District, an M-35 KSR TWX Teletype terminal has been installed
in the Transfers of Funds Division of this Bank.

The terminal is

available for the receipt of all types of transfers of funds, including
those containing odd amounts and for the account of a third party.
The transmission of transfers of funds utilizing this
equipment is not a requirement.

It is provided as a service to those

banks that wish to communicate transfer messages to this Bank in this
manner and have comparable TWX or TELEK equipment.
If your bank is interested in utilizing this service, please
contact E. W. Vorlop, Jr., Vice President and Controller, or C. L. Vick,
Operations Officer, for further details.

Yours very truly,
P. E. Coldwell

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