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Fubruary 6, 1934

Information from the Secretary of the Treasury Relative to Names and
Addresses of Persons Delivering Gold Coin, Gold Bullion, and Gold Certificates

To the Bank Addressed:
In a telegram received from the Secretary o f the Treasury on February 1, 1934, we are in­
form ed that the proclam ation signed January 31, 1934 hy the President o f the United States does not
alter the instructions as to the amount to be paid or other instructions o f the Secretary o f the
Treasury o f January 17, 1934 as transmitted to you in our Circular o f the same date relating to gold
coin, gold bullion and gold certificates delivered after January 17, 1934, and as transmitted to mem­
ber banks in our Circular dated January 25, 1934 relative to mutilated coin. The telegram from the
Secretary o f the Treasury requests us, however, to “ make a record o f the name and address o f each
person delivering gold coin, gold bullion and gold certificates hereafter and o f the amount delivered
and also obtain from such person a signed written statement giving the reasons why such gold coin,
gold bullion or gold certificates were not delivered heretofore.”
A ll gold coin not obviously mutilated, or below the weight o f tolerance allowed by law, and all
gold bullion and gold certificates which you may have on hand upon receipt o f this circular should
immediately be forw arded to this bank or one o f its branches and the shipment should be accompanied
by a statement that the amount o f the shipment was the balance held by your bank fo r the account
o f the Treasurer o f the United States at the time this circular was received, and fo r that reason you
could not furnish the signed statements required. All subsequent shipments, however , must be accom­

panied by the required statements described above.

Y ours very truly,
B. A . M c K in n e y ,


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