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Circular No. 71-82
April 8 , 1971

(Regulation U)

To All Banks
in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District:
The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System has
until recently published a periodic list of securities firms that
have filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission as OTC Market
Makers, and the OTC Margin Stocks in which each firm is qualified.
The list was published to assist banks in extending credit under
section 221.3(w) of Regulation U, the OTC Market Maker Exemption.
The Board has now determined that it is not economically
justifiable to continue publishing this list due to the relatively
small demand, the length of the list, and the frequency of changes.
Consequently, the list is being discontinued.
Should any bank desire information as to whether a firm is
currently qualified as an OTC Market Maker, and as to the OTC Margin
Stocks in which the firm is qualified, this may now be obtained by
telephoning or writing the Regulations Department of the Federal
Reserve Bank of Dallas at our Dallas office. The telephone number
is Area Code 214, 742-3271, Ext. 257.
Yours very truly,
P. E. Coldwell

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