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F IS C A L . A G E N T O F T H E U N I T E D


Dallas, Texas, March 22,1944


To All Banking Institutions
in the San Antonio Branch Territory:

For the benefit of the banks and others located in the territory served by our San
Antonio Branch and in order to handle more expeditiously the increasing volume of work
incident to Treasury financing, it has been decided to expand the functions of the branch
by providing facilities for the direct handling of all transactions relating to Treasury
bonds, Treasury notes, Treasury certificates of indebtedness, and Treasury bills. Accord­
ingly, on and after April 1, 1944, all subscriptions for new issues, tenders for the weekly
offerings of Treasury bills, all transactions involving redemptions, exchanges, and wire
transfers of short-term securities, and all correspondence concerning Treasury issues,
should be routed directly to our San Antonio Branch by banks in the territory served by
that branch.
The San Antonio Branch has for sometime been serving the banks and others located
in its territory in connection with sales and redemptions of Treasury savings bonds of all
series and Treasury savings notes, and this further decentralization of work is intended
to cover the handling of all other fiscal agency transactions involving new as well as out­
standing Treasury issues.
War Loan accounts of depositaries located in the territory served by the San Antonio
Branch will be transferred to that branch on April 1,1944. On and after that date all trans­
actions originating in the San Antonio Branch territory and affecting such accounts,
including pledges and withdrawals of collateral, payments covering withdrawals from the
accounts, weekly reconcilements, etc., will be handled by the branch. It is not deemed
necessary to suggest a change in the present location of collateral now pledged to secure
War Loan deposits, and any collateral pledged in the future may be deposited with this
bank or with the San Antonio Branch, whichever the pledging bank may prefer. However,
all requests for the release of collateral, regardless of where it may be held, should be for­
warded to the San Antonio Branch.
Incorporated banks and trust companies in the San Antonio territory which may
desire to qualify as War Loan depositaries under Treasury Department Circular No. 92,
or which, if already qualified, may desire to increase the amounts for which they are pres­
ently designated, should make application to the San Antonio Branch on or after April 1,

Yours very truly,

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