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Federal Register / Vol. 79, No. 43 / Wednesday, March 5, 2014 / Notices
be forwarded to the LCRWG members
for their information.
Special Accommodations: For
information on access or to request
special accommodations for individuals
with disabilities please contact Lameka
Smith at (202) 564–1629 or by email at
LCRWorkingGroup@epa.govmailto: at
least 10 days prior to the meeting to give
EPA as much time as possible to process
your request.

Dated: February 28, 2014.
Rachel E. Dickon,
Assistant Secretary.

Dated: February 26, 2014.
Peter G. Grevatt,
Director, Office of Ground Water and Drinking

The Commission gives notice that the
following applicants have filed an
application for an Ocean Transportation
Intermediary (OTI) license as a NonVessel-Operating Common Carrier
(NVO) and/or Ocean Freight Forwarder
(OFF) pursuant to section 19 of the
Shipping Act of 1984 (46 U.S.C. 40101).
Notice is also given of the filing of
applications to amend an existing OTI
license or the Qualifying Individual (QI)
for a licensee.
Interested persons may contact the
Office of Ocean Transportation
Intermediaries, Federal Maritime
Commission, Washington, DC 20573, by
telephone at (202) 523–5843 or by email
B&C Luxury Auto Ltd. (NVO), 180
Poinier Street, Newark, NJ 07114,
Officer: Sergiu Bejenari, President
(QI), Application Type: New NVO
Concept Cargo Freight & Logistics Inc
(NVO), 10925 NW 27th Street, Suite
201H, Miami, FL 33172, Officers:
Milton A. Rocha, Director (QI), Tania
M. Reis, Director, Application Type:
Name Change to Concept Cargo
Freight & Logistics Inc dba Serpa
Group & QI Change.
FH Interamerica, LLC (NVO & OFF),
4430 Trade Center Blvd., Laredo, TX
78045, Officers: Francisco J.
Fernandez Morelos-Zaragoza,
Secretary (QI), Francisco J. Fernandez
Hinojosa, President, Application
Type: New NVO & OFF License.
International Logistics USA LLC (NVO
& OFF), 8225 NW 80th Street, Miami,
FL 33166, Officers: Graciela Crespo,
Secretary (QI), Ignacio Diaz Mantel,
President, Application Type: New
NVO & OFF License.
Morrison Express Corporation (U.S.A.)
(NVO & OFF), 2000 Hughes Way, El
Segundo, CA 90245, Officers:
Neungho Shin, Regional Operations
Director (QI), Danny Chiu, Chairman,
Application Type: QI Change.
NEC Logistics America, Inc. (NVO &
OFF), 18615 Ferris Place, Rancho
Dominguez, CA 90220, Officers:
Takahashi Kazuhiko, President,
Tochigi Nobuko, Assistant Secretary,
Application Type: Name Change to

[FR Doc. 2014–04891 Filed 3–4–14; 8:45 am]


mstockstill on DSK4VPTVN1PROD with NOTICES

Notice of Agreements Filed
The Commission hereby gives notice
of the filing of the following agreements
under the Shipping Act of 1984.
Interested parties may submit comments
on the agreements to the Secretary,
Federal Maritime Commission,
Washington, DC 20573, within twelve
days of the date this notice appears in
the Federal Register. Copies of the
agreements are available through the
Commission’s Web site (
or by contacting the Office of
Agreements at (202) 523–5793 or
Agreement No.: 012195–001.
Title: CSCL/UASC Slot Exchange
Agreement, Asia-Europe/
Mediterranean—U.S. East Coast AEX7/
Parties: China Shipping Container
Lines Co., Ltd. and China Shipping
Container Lines (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
(acting as a single party) and United
Arab Shipping Company (S.A.G.).
Filing Party: Brett M. Esber, Esquire;
Blank Rome LLP; 600 New Hampshire
Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20037.
Synopsis: The amendment increases
the number of slots exchanged under
the agreement.
Agreement No.: 012249.
Title: CSAV/Hapag Lloyd Mexico
Space Charter Agreement.
Parties: Compania Sud Americana de
Vapores S.A. and Hapag Lloyd A.G.
Filing Party: Walter H. Lion,
McLaughlin & Stern, LLP; 260 Madison
Avenue, New York, NY 10016.
Synopsis: The agreement authorizes
CSAV to charter space from HLAG in
the trade between ports on the Pacific
coast of Mexico, on the one hand, and
ports on the Pacific coast of the United
States, on the other hand.
By Order of the Federal Maritime

VerDate Mar<15>2010

17:13 Mar 04, 2014

Jkt 232001


Nippon Express NEC Logistics
America, Inc.


By the Commission.
Dated: February 24, 2014.
Karen V. Gregory,


[FR Doc. 2014–04803 Filed 3–4–14; 8:45 am]

[FR Doc. 2014–04880 Filed 3–4–14; 8:45 am]

Ocean Transportation Intermediary
License Applicants

PO 00000

Frm 00044

Fmt 4703

Sfmt 9990


Change in Bank Control Notices;
Acquisitions of Shares of a Bank or
Bank Holding Company
The notificants listed below have
applied under the Change in Bank
Control Act (12 U.S.C. 1817(j)) and
§ 225.41 of the Board’s Regulation Y (12
CFR 225.41) to acquire shares of a bank
or bank holding company. The factors
that are considered in acting on the
notices are set forth in paragraph 7 of
the Act (12 U.S.C. 1817(j)(7)).
The notices are available for
immediate inspection at the Federal
Reserve Bank indicated. The notices
also will be available for inspection at
the offices of the Board of Governors.
Interested persons may express their
views in writing to the Reserve Bank
indicated for that notice or to the offices
of the Board of Governors. Comments
must be received not later than March
20, 2014.
A. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas
City (Dennis Denney, Assistant Vice
President) 1 Memorial Drive, Kansas
City, Missouri 64198–0001:
1. Daniel G. O’Dell, the Daniel G.
O’Dell Revocable Trust, Carefree
Crossroads, Inc., KDawg Partners, LP,
Wanda K. O’Dell, and the Wanda K.
O’Dell Revocable Trust, all of Liberty,
Missouri; Gary A. O’Dell, the Gary A.
O’Dell Family 2011 Trust, Amy L.
O’Dell, and the Amy L. O’Dell Family
2011 Trust, all of Kansas City, Missouri;
and Karen M. O’Dell and the Karen M.
O’Dell Family 2011 Trust, both of Palo
Alto, California, to retain control of
Liberty Bancorp, Inc., and thereby
indirectly control BankLiberty, both of
Liberty, Missouri.
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
System, February 28, 2014.
Michael J. Lewandowski,
Associate Secretary of the Board.
[FR Doc. 2014–04844 Filed 3–4–14; 8:45 am]