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R e s e r v e B a n k o f D a lla s


Circular No. 82-141
O ctober 28, 1982


The Federal R e se r v e Bank o f D allas r e c e n tly added respondent inform a­
tion to the daily R ese r v e A ccou n t S ta te m e n t o f all a c cou n t holders with us which
a c t as correspondents for other in stitu tion s in the E leven th Federal R ese r v e
D is tr ic t. The respondent n ine-d igit tran sit/rou tin g numbers now appear beside the
entry am ounts on the correspondent institu tion 's R e se r v e A ccou n t S ta te m e n t. This
a c tio n f a c i l it a t e s the r e c o n c ile m e n t by correspondent institu tion s o f their accou n t
with us and provides a sim pler m ethod for passing applicable charges and c r ed its on
to their respondent a c cou n t holders.
E f f e c t iv e N ovem ber 15, 1982, the E leventh D istr ic t will discontinue the
provision o f mail a d v ices to correspondent in stitu tion s for their respondent a c tiv ity .
Respondent in stitu tion s will continue to r e c e iv e a d v ices o f the a c tiv ity to their
a c c o u n ts w ith correspondent institu tions.
R espondent institu tion s which do not
r e c e iv e a copy o f a respondent entry made by us to a correspondent a c c o u n t may
c o n ta c t the Federal R e serv e o f f i c e servicin g its accou n t. When making inquiries or
requesting a copy, the respondent should in dicate the c o r r e c t d a te th at the item or
tran saction in question was posted to its correspondent's a c cou n t by the F ederal
R e se r v e.
In order to f a c ilit a t e the r e c o n c ile m e n t p rocess for correspondents, we
w ill furnish a list o f all current respondents for ea ch correspondent along w ith the
r e la te d n ine-d igit tran sit/rou tin g number.
T h ese lis ts w ill be m ailed to your
institu tion on N ovem ber 8, 1982.
Correspondents should assum e the ongoing
m aintenance o f the lists.
If you have any questions in this regard, p le a se c o n t a c t Allan N eale,
(214) 6 5 1-6334 a t the H ead O ffice; Javier J im e n e z , (915) 544-4730 a t the El
Paso Branch; Rodney Franklin, (713) 652-1530 a t the H ouston Branch; or P e t e
C astleberry, (512) 224-2141 at the San Antonio Branch.
A dditional c o p ies o f this circular will be furnished upon request to the
D ep artm en t o f C om m unications, Financial and C om m unity A ffairs, E xtension 6289.
S in cerely yours,

William H. W allace
F irst Vice P resident
Banks and others are encouraged to use the following incoming W A T S numbers in contacting this Bank:
1-800-442-7140 (intrastate) and 1-800-527-9200 (interstate). For calls placed locally, please use 651 plus the
extension referred to above.

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